DishingUpTheDodgers on YouTube and DishingUpTheDodgers.com is dedicated to Everything Blue. Stacie Wheeler writes about the Dodgers, shares original photos and creates original videos about the Dodgers.

Stacie Wheeler is a Southern California native who graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.A. in Cinema-Television. A lifelong Dodger fan, Stacie attended many Dodger games growing up with her uncle and brother. Mike Scioscia is Stacie’s favorite all-time player, and she had the opportunity to meet Mike Scioscia as a child cementing her love for the Dodgers.

As C0-Editor, Stacie wrote about the Dodgers daily for five years at Lasorda’s Lair where she has amassed over 1,200 written articles about the Dodgers. Stacie has continued to write about the Dodgers, and has contributed to Dodgers Nation,¬†Dodger Blue, and The Hardball Times. She currently writes for Dodgers Digest , and True Blue LA.

Stacie hopes to grow her DishingUpTheDodgers community and welcomes Dodgers fans and baseball fans alike.

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